Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I had been trying to decide what color to use as the border for my afghan, I knew it would get it's personality from the border color, and the size would be fairly thick, but not too wide, so what would I choose?

Well yesterday it hit me ~ Red! I know, Red? Well, yes, a bright almost pinky red, like a cherry red or strawberry red. Even though I don't have any red in the body of the afghan, that bright shade of pinky true red will go with the other bright colors and really make it pop, instead of being subdued and blending like it does without it. I want it to pop! LOL!

I got my inspiration from all around me, especially my fabrics. Many of my Shabby Chic fabrics have red in them, as accents to the pink and white flowers. Like above, that is a pillow, see that pretty bright red in it? Well I want to bring that out in my decorating, and in my afghan, I love that shade of red, it is bright and cheery, and looks so pretty with pink and turquoise! Plus it kind of offsets the pastely-baby-ness of the pinks and blues and pastels, so it doesn't get too, uh, baby like, and it gives it a wow pop! Just in little spurts around the room, like the edging on my afghan.

So now I have to go buy red yarn, LOL! I want to start the trim on the top, just a little, so I can see what it looks like!

Here below, you can see my pinky red flowers I have out (they are even darker and brighter in person, damn I need to figure how to turn off the flash!) and the red in the shabby chic fabric I had a close up above, and a red fleece throw I added.

Here, below, another pillow in that same fabric, and the blue pillow on the left has some pinky red too. Again, the colors are more vibrant in real life.

My afghan is getting bigger, I don't have as much time as I would like to work on it!

And here below that same Shabby Chic fabric again, lol, used as a tablecloth, over my blue roses Shabby Chic cloth, more red! Plus in the background, it's a little hard to see and washed out, but the curtains have pinky red too.

And lastly below, more, yes more, Shabby Chic pillows with red!

Also, if you scroll down a few posts to my paintings (and you can see the one at the very top of this post) you will see there is a lot of red and pinky red in my floral paintings, I even have an all red floral painting I didn't post, and need to find a place to put!

I was surprised when I realized how much red I have in things around me, and that it was the perfect accent color, especially with the turquoise and blue, and when I paint my walls blue, it will pop even more, I can't wait!