Saturday, January 5, 2008

My Christmas Pictures! :O)

I am still here! :O) Things have been a little crazy but making it through. I caught a cold and got sick on Christmas day, boo! So we only made it to my Mom's on Christmas Eve and we missed my Hubby's parents on Christmas day which was sad, but I was so very sick and I couldn't get them sick either! Today is the first day I have felt a little better, boy that was a long cold, and I gave it to Hubby too, poor Hubby, but he took such good care of me, so now I am taking good care of him.
So I am real late with Christmas pics, but here they are! Above is the Christmas tree, it has a mix of lots of vintage ornaments and some new ornaments too. The fluffy turquiose stuff is a feather boa I cut up, and I also put pink silk roses on it, lots of garland ~ white fluffy, silver bead, and clear bead. I misplaced my tree skirt, duh! It is light green satin damask, soooo pretty, I was so mad I couldn't find it, it's gotta be somewhere!!! :OP So I used an old lace tablecloth instead. Click on pics for a bigger and better view!
Below is a picture of me and Hubby at my Mom's house on Christmas Eve. He is so handsome, sigh. I Love You Hubby! <3>
The dress and sweater I am wearing are vintage from the 50's, the dress is a prom dress made of turquoise tulle, oh I adore it so! And the pink sweater has beads and sequins on it, so pretty! I actually just got a turquoise cardigan from the 50's too, and it matches that dress perfectly, I just didn't have it when I took that pic, and I have a Coral pink tulle prom dress too that goes with the pink sweater perfectly, I will have to get pics of both to show you guys, they are just dreamy yummy colors and all that tulle is so lovely!
Oh! and see those glasses I have on? Those are actual 50's vintage cat eyes glasses, I found some that were new unused vintage old stock! They have stars, rhinestones, and engraving on the corners, too cute! I just adore them to bits!!

Below, the Hello Kitty and Snow-"woman" ballerina ornaments I got this year from a friend in this years ornament exchange, aren't they adorable! I just love them! :O)

And the Hello Kitty and the two little monkeys ornaments are from a friend in last year's ornament exchange! Hmmm do you see a theme here?? :OP Hee, they are adorable too, so cute and those monkeys make me giggle! And yes, I am a big Hello Kitty fan and so are my friends!

This is a close up of my vintage singing angels, I have some more you will see later on, but these were in my family and I remember them as a child, and the taller blonde and pink angel in the middle was always my favorite, she was "my angel". The two little sleighs are vintage too, as well as the greenery, the white ceramic Christmas tree and the Candleabra and candles in the background, more pics of them below.

The Nativity scene below is gorgeous, it was my in-laws and they sweetly gave it to us.

This vintage angel below was my Mom's too. As well as the santa candy dish.

The pink dish is from my Grandma from the 50's, I put vintage decorations in it.
The embroidered runner is vintage too, although I redid the blue crosstitch border.

Here are the rest of the vintage Angels with my Grandma's Virgin Mary statue. We usually put the angels in our room when we were kids. Most of the decorations were from my childhood or my Mom's and Grandma's.

The tree dish below is vintage, I have two of them as well as two of the santa candy dishes, you saw one above. And yes, that is a real rotary dial phone, lol! It is from the 40's and it's actually made of metal!!
And here is the other tree and santa dishes, and the candy cane kids, all are vintage, love those kids, so cute!

And one of the reasons I haven't been on here in a while, my kitty Pooky was sick and we ended up having to put her to sleep at the end of November. After just losing Sammy in July, it was very hard on us. Pooky got sick and went downhill fast, it was a shock we didn't expect, she was 16, the youngest of the 3, Sammy was 17, and our kitty that we still have Speedy is 17. I still can't believe she is gone, we miss her so, and still miss Sammy too.
This is a picture of me with Pooky ( the black and white one) and Sammy on my lap, yes, the little fuzzy gray ball is Sammy, lol, Pooky's tail is curled over Sammy's head. Wow, looking at the pic, I can still feel their fur and little bodies in my hands.

Well one thing I hope to do this year is to post more here, the new year is off to a busy start, I have several doctor appt.s coming up and more to come, ugh, I really hate going to the doctors, but you gotta do what you gotta do! But I have met so many lovely people through blogging and have appreciated all the kind comments! I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year!

Take Care,

Erin :O)