Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Afghan redo and a hot pink, green and turquoise pig!

Ok, so last time I posted I was going to border my afghan with red, well, it didn't look as good as I thought it might, and although I liked my afghan, it wasn't quite right, and I really wanted some red, and realized it would be better in the afghan than around the edge, so I decided to put that partially done afghan aside (I may finish it at a later time) and start another one, I needed to get the colors right, colors that made me happy. So I used most of the same colors, just eliminated the brown and cream, and added the red yarn. It was perfect, the colors go together so well, the red gives it pop, and the soft blues and pinks soften the red. Much more cheerful looking now, and has all my favorite colors! :O)

So here is what I have done so far, still quite a ways to go, but I am getting there.

It was hard to start all over again after having so much done on the other one, but I wanted to be perfectly happy with it, so it was worth it!

That's my cat Speedy on the back of the couch, her favorite spot! I think the cats are really going to like this afghan, they love fuzzy yarn stuff to sleep on.

I made this afghan wider than the other one, I like that better. Plus, being a first time crocheter, I noticed my other afghan was getting wider as I went on, oops, a rookie mistake, so I am being careful with this one that it doesn't do that, so far so good!

Also, I made the stripes on this one two rows of double crochet instead of three, I like that better. I am really happy with it, I just smile when I see those colors together!

So on to the hot pink, green and turquoise pig, LOL! This pig is a piggy bank, my Mom said she thinks it was mine as a kid, but she can't remember! It does look like it's from the 70's about. I love it so much, it's such a cute happy pig, and she even has eyelashes! She has one ear broken off, but hey, we all have had a hard life right?? ;O)

Here is a close up of her, isn't she pretty?! What a happy piggy! She reminds me of my childhood, the 70's, and summer.

That candle, the Our Lady of Guadelupe candle, I got that at Big Lots believe it or not!

So that's what's been going on with me, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have some medical and chronic pain problems, so sometimes I just am not up to posting, but I will always be back to post later!

Coming up soon, some kitty pictures for my friend Elaine, a dish of pretty goodies I am working on, and a photo frame I am going to decorate ~ but not sure how yet ~ paint, rick rack and vintage flowers? Ribbons? Shells? Hmmm.......

Have a great day! :O)


Lea said...

I am loving your "new and improved" afghan! It is coming along nicely. I like the picture of Speedy on the back of the couch. It must be part of a cat's genetic ways to want to perch like that. My cats love the back of the couch, too!
Keep up the crocheting-it's gorgeous!! I'd never know you were a newbie at it.
That piggie should be on a shirt. I am in love with it!!!

Erin D. said...

Thanks Lea, I am loving it too, the colors just make me so happy inside! :O) Thanks, being my first real afghan and crocheting I've done (besides the start of my other one) I was hoping I would do a good job!

Haha, yes Speedy loves that spot, I have a slipcover on the couch, and when it's time to wash it is alllll furrrrry in that spot, lol! And she puts a big dent in the cushion! :O)))

Oh the piggy, she is so gorgeous! I love her too, how cute is she??!! That would be cute on a tshirt, hmm, I wonder if I could take a realllllllly good picture of her then could put it on a iron on transfer? I might try it sometime, if it works I will send you one too! :O)))) heeee!

Anonymous said...

Yes, your new afghan is scrumptious! I love those colors! Your piggy is seriously cute, I am sure that would go for quite a lot of money, so never give it up! She looks adorable!

Erin D. said...

No I will never give her up you are right! And Thank You! :O)

Liz said...

I absolutely love your colours. They look so cool in your house as well! x I am also a new crocheter, did you find it easy to do?

babette said...

I love the colors, especially the red with it all!! Shabby Chic materials are my favorite..I plan on doing the verticle stripe afghan also!!

Erin D. said...

Thanks guys!

Yes, I actually think it is pretty easy to do!
I taught myself from a book that showed how to do left handed crochet since I'm a lefty. I had no pattern for this though, I just started by doing 2 rows of double crochet for each color, then I read how you can change colors, some of which made no sense to me, lol, and I just figured it out myself! I do tie knots when I change colors, I am just paranoid about it coming apart in the wash, but you can hardly tell, and especially when you get a border on there you won't see it. But yes, the straightforward crochet is pretty easy! When I get to the next one, a granny square, I will see how easy I still think it is, LOL! ;O)

Liz said...

Erin, I have bought some yarn for my ripple, I'm a step closer! Also I have tagged you! Hope you don't mind!

Erin D. said...

Oooo I hope you love doing it!

No I don't mind at all! :O)

I just checked your blog, and I will get on it tomorrow!
I haven't felt well so the posts haven't been as frequent but hope to do more soon!

jenscloset said...

I just found your blog...this is so cool!! I love everything!!